Meet My Cast of Characters

 Jason, my husband, and I were both born in 1981 and we have been married since June 7, 2008.  It is very rare that we are not laughing like this when we are together.  As cheesy as it sounds, he completes me.

"Brinkley is my dog, he loves the streets of New York as much as I do..."
If you can't place that quote then you definitely don't watch You've Got Mail as often as I do (I'm actually on my third night in a row of watching it, and watching it for the second time tonight.)  Ever since I discovered this movie I have wanted a Golden Retriever named Brinkley.  I ended up with an all black Golden Retriever mix, who is female instead of male, but it's close enough for me.  Brinkley was born in April 2009.  She is a beloved part of our family who always gives us a reason to laugh.

This is Bub.  He's our seven year old adopted cat.  He started out with my brother, then lived with my parents for a few months.  In 2006 he came to live me.  However, later in 2006, when I met Jason, he and Bub totally hit it off and Bub has basically been his cat ever since.

This is Smokey.  She came with our house first house.  After we bought the house we spent 6 weeks renovating before we moved in.  Everyday that we worked at the house this cat would cry on the front porch.  Being the cat lovers that we are, we started bringing cat food with us.  We always made sure she had fresh food and water.  It was almost a year later that I was talking to my neighbor and she told me that Smokey actually belonged to the people who lived in our house before us.  We had always said that she came with house, but thanks to our neighbor, now we know it's true.  She has become a wonderful part of our family.  When we are pulling into the driveway she runs from wherever in the neighborhood she's been.  She guards the front porch and even sits across from Bub on the other side of the kitchen window (since Bub is stuck inside and she was outside).  When we moved to Ohio in August 2011 Smokey moved with us.  She has become an inside cat, and she and Bub are funny to watch as they get to know each other better.
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