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Moving - My Blog and My Residence (but this is about the blog)

Several months ago I decided to create my own website with a built in blog.  You will find all my new posts at  Since starting the website I haven't really had time to do much with it or time to figure out how to change the rss feeder thing, so I'm not sure if people are being directed to the old blog or the new when they click on their rrs feeder or receive rrs emails.  So, until I have time to figure all that out you will have to manually type  I'm really sorry for the inconvenience.  A lot is happening with us right now.  I'll update you as soon as I make the time.  =)

Happy February,

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

OU vs. TX


This is a HUGE weekend for University of Oklahoma and University of Texas fans.  The game was officially called the “Red River Shootout” until 2005 when it was renamed “Red River Rivalry”.  The first game played between the two schools was October 10, 1900.  The rivalry is over 100 years old and is going strong.  The game has been played on neutral territory (Dallas) since 1912.  An equal number of tickets are sold to OU and Texas fans.  It makes for a very unique experience and the energy in the stadium is at a max on both sides of the 50 yard line. 

I have only had the opportunity to attend one game, as tickets are almost impossible to get.  Even students with student tickets are entered into a raffle to determine who gets to go.  None-the-less, almost every year for the past 11 years I have been in Dallas for the game.  Students, and people younger than me, gather in lower Greenville (an area where the streets are lined with bars and restaurants) every Friday night before the game.  The streets are blocked off and there are police on horseback everywhere.  There are hundreds of 20 somethings shoulder to shoulder yelling and chanting and making either the horns down or the horns up sign.  Below is a picture I found of exactly this.  (You can click on pic for original website.)

Last year Jason and I had to miss OU/TX weekend because we were living in Ohio and we just couldn’t justify going.  So, this year since we LIVE in Dallas there was no way we were going to miss it again.  On game you have to get to wherever you are going by 9:30 AM or so if you want to get a seat.  So, yes, the beer and pizza were breakfast this year.  (In an attempt to protect my reputation, I only had 3 beers the six hours we were there.)  It was a really fun day, as you will see below.  FYI: The last picture is everyone who stayed with us checking out our 3D TV. 

  2   5 10 4  716 118 12 1713 1514 18 19 20 21 22




Halloween At Our House

Halloween 4

Halloween is one of Jason’s favorite holidays.  It was just another day for me, but spending the past 6 Halloweens with Jason has definitely helped me to enjoy the day and the festivities involved. 

I will start by saying that Jason did a fantastic job decorating our front yard.  I am totally sad that I didn’t get any pictures. 

However, what I did record was the outcome of our pumpkin carving. 

That night, we went to dinner, then to the store to pick our pumpkins, then back home where the carving commenced.  After our photo op we drank decaf coffee and hot apple cider and watched The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. 

We had a GREAT night.

The pictures are as follows…

Lighting for the first time: (Notice the all the help in the background?)

Halloween 1

Halloween 2

Halloween 3


Getting ready for our photo op:

Halloween 6 

Try #1:

Halloween 7

Try #2

Halloween 8

Try #3 – Nailed it!

Halloween 10


Getting ready for photo op 2: (Notice my pumpkin looking up to him just like I do? That was totally unplanned.)

Halloween 9

First try – Love It!

Halloween 11



Sunday, October 28, 2012

Judy Brought the Cold to Dallas

One of my dearest friends came to visit earlier this month – Judy.  She lives in Denver, where we met at Frontier Airlines Flight Attendant Orientation.  During one of our sessions she volunteered to drive me around to the different appointments we had.  We became fast friends and she and her family invited me to live with them during the five week flight attendant training.  She has remained one of my best friends ever since.  Every year for the past five years she has either visited me or I have gone to see her, except for the year we met at a resort in Mexico for her wedding. 


It’s a tradition I love and look forward to every year. 

5   Judy 2

 6   Denver


When Judy was getting ready to come she asked me what she should pack.  I said, bring layers.  It’s really hot outside and really cold inside.  And, bring a swimsuit so we can lay out by the pool.  She looked up the weather and informed me that she didn’t really think she wanted to lay out since the high was only going to be in the 60’s.  WHAT?  I was shocked, but sure enough, on the day she arrived it was cold outside.  Since it had snowed the day before in Denver I totally blamed her for the cold.  As soon as I got her back to my house we spent four hours unpacking boxes looking for mine and Jason’s coats and winter clothes. 

It was awesome having her.  We watched the Sooners and the Broncos.  We saw Pitch Perfect and we went on a Dallas Cowboys Stadium tour.  It was definitely a weekend for the books.












_DSC0339  _DSC0261     


_DSC0289  _DSC0284  _DSC0291



The following actually happened.  I am always so impressed at how Judy has fun no matter where she is or what she is doing.

_DSC0322  _DSC0323

_DSC0326  _DSC0324    

Can’t wait ‘til next year.



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