Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Halloween At Our House

Halloween 4

Halloween is one of Jason’s favorite holidays.  It was just another day for me, but spending the past 6 Halloweens with Jason has definitely helped me to enjoy the day and the festivities involved. 

I will start by saying that Jason did a fantastic job decorating our front yard.  I am totally sad that I didn’t get any pictures. 

However, what I did record was the outcome of our pumpkin carving. 

That night, we went to dinner, then to the store to pick our pumpkins, then back home where the carving commenced.  After our photo op we drank decaf coffee and hot apple cider and watched The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. 

We had a GREAT night.

The pictures are as follows…

Lighting for the first time: (Notice the all the help in the background?)

Halloween 1

Halloween 2

Halloween 3


Getting ready for our photo op:

Halloween 6 

Try #1:

Halloween 7

Try #2

Halloween 8

Try #3 – Nailed it!

Halloween 10


Getting ready for photo op 2: (Notice my pumpkin looking up to him just like I do? That was totally unplanned.)

Halloween 9

First try – Love It!

Halloween 11



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