Sunday, October 28, 2012

Oh Boy, did my last post say we were moving to Houston?

Because that’s not what happened. 

At the twelfth hour (or is it thirteenth? IDK) Jason got his acceptance letter to SMU’s Dedmon School of Law , a prestigious law school in Dallas, TX.  So, I broke our lease in Houston, along with the landlord’s heart, and we employed the best realtor in Dallas, my dad, to help us find a place there.  After an afternoon looking at rental properties we decided it would definitely be better for our money if we bought a house.  So, we bought yet another house.  However, it’s our fist house, out of four, that we just moved into without any work needing to be done.  If I am ever home long enough to get the boxed unpacked it will  be AWESOME!

Jason is enjoying school, and we both LOVE living in Richardson, just north of Dallas city limits.  Our neighborhood is amazing.  Here’s a glimpse of the house and our neighborhood. 

 _DSC0347 _DSC0353


  _DSC0426 _DSC0423

_DSC0429 _DSC0430   

We are only about 5 houses away from the creek as our street dead ends into it.  It’s beautiful!


More to come once boxes are unpacked. 



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  1. Congratulations! What happened with the other houses? I think the one in OK is being rented, but what about the other? I am happy you are happy and that you had such fun with your friend!


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